So I recently had an exchange with Carlo Costanzo (@CCOSTAN) on twitter about our Home Assistant configs and it made me realize two things.

  1. I need to do a better job of documenting the work I am doing with Home Assistant
  2. I really like talking about Home Automation

To be fair, point two is not really new. I just realized I don’t do enough giving back to the community which would allow me to talk more about home automation.

So I have started working on a couple of projects.

First I am going to be working on adding documentation to my config that explains what I have done, but maybe more importantly the why behind it and an idea of what I am planning on doing.

Second I am working on a series of blog posts, maybe youtube videos / walk-throughs, giving a deeper look into my HA config in the hope it helps others could do the same.

One thing I love about the Home Assistant community is that there are so many different solutions to the same problem and we all feed off what others are doing.

So, Let's Automate this thing.