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Hello Again!

Around two years ago I started dabbling in Home Automation. Since then I have dedicated more time to the project, and over Christmas break I decided I would rebrand jeffreystone.net with the focus of blogging more about my Home Automation and perhaps some of my other DIY projects. So, here we are. A new year, …


There are two things I have always loved: making sense of the world around me, and technology.

From a young age I would take apart everything just to see how it worked. Very seldom did I put it back together “correctly.” RC Motors became electric erasers. Cameras became stun guns. A fair amount just became piles of parts much to the displeasure of my parents.

These days I still like deconstructing things, but it is putting them back to gather that has become the goal not the by-product. I like building things out of wood and electronics these days and creating new things out of old components. DIY has become my passion.

But I am also a slacker, and that combined with my Do-It-Yourself attitude has led me to Home Automation. Granted I am just getting started, but I have always loved finding ways to automate the mundane parts of life so I can do less in an effort to enjoy more.

I majored in Biology before deciding to focus on Tech and finished my degree in Information Technology, and yet I am primarily self-taught having started coding in Basic in Elementary School. Since then I have learned VB, Pascal, C, C#, Php, and Python. I am more likely to replace tasks in my life with a shell script than set a reminder. And I am more likely to try and re-invent the wheel in an effort to both understand the original process and improve on it.

When I’m not geeking out I am quoting movies with my beautiful wife, playing trains with my son, laughing more than one should, reading fiction, writing the stories that come to me in the shower, singing along to Hamilton, or trying to automate the mundane parts of life.


Please feel free to contact me with questions, concerns, or just to chat. I will respond as promptly as I can. However, twitter may be a quicker as I hate email. 🙂

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